Saturday, May 16, 2009

web design2-analysis-part 1

Client website

  • the placement of the logo is not outstanding enough
  • the about page is too lengthy
  • abit boxy
  • the design on the righthand side bar is too much.

Competitor website
Kam Lun Tai
  • the western girl in the header doesn't give the oriental feeling
  • broken links
  • prices are not listed
  • there's a flash in the beginning page
  • the info is too much in a page maybe

Baker's cottage
  • the navigators on the left is hard to read
  • broken links
  • should align center the whole page
  • the colours are ok but the design is not interesting enough

Oversea(hai wai tian)

  • there are some simple flash in the header
  • clean
  • oriental
  • there's only a chinese page
  • and the picture in that page is not nice

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