Thursday, January 29, 2009


it's day 4 of CNY,
i got no mood to do my assignments,
no mood to think,no mood to start...

i want to enjoy :(((((((((
can i................

i tot i could start today...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Title:How to make your own felt toys



Monday, January 19, 2009

my friend sms me
"one of my ex-classmate,which was my colleague in sin hua,has just passed away"

me:"haaaaa???how come??"

fren:"i think because she pressure herself too much,her english is not tat gud,but she has to teach BI n SC in the school.

me:"b4 that,she alwiz headache??"

fren:"if she press herself too much,she will headache,i think if she din teach in sin hua,will be nth"

only one week the girl has taught in the sch,
n shes gone now.
the reason is,
too much pressure...

take k. n have sufficient rest...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

web design 1

hi jo n chung kai..
these are the ideas n researches i've done so far..
my initial idea is,
  • "how to make junk decor"
the website is to teach kids how to use the "junk" like transform the used tissue box into drawers,the core of the toilet roll become the pencil holder and a used cardboard become a simple photo they can learn to create something useful from junk..

at first i wanted to name it something to do with recycle but i think it cannot work,because of cuz i'll use other material like "leftover crepe paper" etc to enhance the overall outcome.

so the colour wil be kinda colourful ..

another idea is
  • how to make your own candy toy
it's a tutorial website that target to the teenagers,
teaching them how to make their own candy toy using mostly feltz,with sewing method.
maybe i can create a simple story about it

Beautiful websites

Tutorial websi