Saturday, May 31, 2008


i've done the raster...
but for the vector,i've tried many times..still looks like #@$%
how to do ....>.<

Friday, May 30, 2008

the colour analysis

the colour analysis

Bee-eater---i like the colour of the bird,it's very attractive and soothing...the colour of the nature is wonderfulXD

dendelion---this kind of flower gives me a very soft and gentle feeling.and so does the pic,of cuz.the colours are soft but with the dark colour as the background to enhance the flower itself
ice berg--overall the colours are very calm and cooling.

the waterdrop--the colours are almost the same in terms of the gradient of blue,it gives a cooling and refreshing feelingred trees?--the colours of this pic are very bright and attracting.the colours of the trees give us a warm feeling while the blue sky shows us it is a good day!XD

grape?--there are some different value of the purple colour.the colours are shriking and nice.

gula melaka?--the colours are very bright and gives me a joyful feel because of the red and orange's like

sakura--the colours are warm and very gives us a very warm and comfortable feeling with the spring season

path--the colours are very dull,yet it shows the nature.

wooden door?--the colours are mainly brown and gives an old and antique feeling.

that's all..(=